About Us

MACIV is an international company, specialising in communication, marketing, collaboration and social networks platforms; whose registered office in the Delaware, USA. MACIV runs R&D and production in Europe (Portugal) and has a sales office in São Paulo, Brazil.
MACIV´s modular technology has been used by many clients in various vertical markets and territories as different as the US, Brazil and Poland, which required different combinations of the various modules and, has proven to be efficient, reliable and robust.
MACIV has performed to the highest quality standards, servicing hundreds of thousands of users within each individual platform on a daily basis as the scalability of our platforms has been of paramount importance.
MACIV is not just a social network software provider. It reaches out, guides and supports its clients from the inception of a private social network idea, through creative process of its personalised design, to management and administration, marketing and monetizing strategies. MACIV empowers large and small enterprises and niche group communities, to carve out and take charge of their own bespoke and tailor made social space. MACIV helps its clients to build or strengthen their brand, create their user database and fully own the dialog with their community members.

Main facts about MACIV:

  • Proprietary social networks technology developed in-house, tested and successfully released to several vertical markets.
  • Current MACIV social networks platform clients include global sport personalities, largest medical cooperative in the world, and largest medical network in Brazil, NGO’s, Business Associations, retailers, etc.
  • Ground presence in South America and Europe.
  • Long term committed dedicated, passionate and resourceful multilingual team that worked together through all MACIV´s projects to date.
  • Wholly owned company with simple, flexible corporate structure.

Key People:

Miguel Sousa – Founder & CEO
Miguel has 15 years of experience in tech industry both as Sales Director and CEO. Prior to establishing MACIV, Miguel was the CEO and largest shareholder at SIT Mobile (with offices India, Bahrain, Spain, Brazil, Poland, Colombia & Chile), which he exited in 2012. Prior to 2012, Miguel guided the international expansion of UK based Dialogue Communications and in the early 2000´s, lead MINICK AG to the first major mobile entertainment deals with Channel 4, MTV, Eurosport, amongst others. Miguel is fluent in Portuguese, Spanish, English and Italian.
Dr Guillaume Peersman – CTO
Guillaume is a technology expert with a proven track record of designing, stabilizing, securing, scaling and enhancing enterprise platforms and services. He has extensive experience in defining and delivering significant transformation of people, processes and technology. Guillaume brings with him in-depth understanding of technology markets, a strong technical, financial and commercial background.
Timonthy Aitken – Chairman of the BoD
Timothy spent 15 years in the US as both Chairman and CEO of two listed companies, one of NASDAQ and the other on the N.Y.S.E. Prior to that Mr Aitken was either a Chairman or CEO of public companies listed on the London Stock Exchange (LSE) which included Investment Banking, Television (Broadcast Channel 3), Leisure (hotels & travel companies).